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Hot Chinese girl Che Xiao

English name:Che Xiao
Chinese name: 车晓
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Beijing
Date of Birth: June 12, 1982
Occupation: Actor
Graduated: Beijing Film Academy 2000
Representative works: “tough love”, “last 99 days”, “love you so I can leave you”, “You Are the One”, etc. che-xiao-1 Continued…

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Hot Chinese actress Qin Hailu

English name: Qin Hailu
Chinese Name:秦海璐
Nationality: Hong Kong, China
Place of birth: Dalian, Liaoning Province
Date of Birth: August 11, 1978
Occupation: Actor
Graduated: Central Academy of Drama
Brokerage Company: Beijing Chun from Philippine Yang Culture and Media Co., Ltd.
Representative works: Durian Durian, Call For Love, I’m not from Beijing, steel piano and six hundred furlongs to Fuyang qin-hailu-1 Continued…

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Hot Chinese girl Gan Ting Ting

English name: Gan Ting Ting
Chinese name: 甘婷婷
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Wuhu, Anhui
Date of Birth: February 5, 1986
Occupation: Actor
Graduated: Central Theatre Academy
Brokerage firm: Hairun Television Productions Ltd
Representative works: Hanoi, Outlaws of the Marsh, abandoned secret palace spy video gan-ting-ting-1 Continued…

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